Shaping the future

Shaping the future “Who am I? Who are you?” – “Qui suis-je? Qui es-tu?” Imbuto 2007

Look ahead!

Since 2000 Imbuto e. V. organizes projects on the subject of “Shaping the future”.
In the first few years, the projects particularly addressed children, young people and adults from the Great Lakes region in Central Africa. Many had left the region during the war and genocide in Rwanda (1990-1994) or later. Others lived in Europe before.

It was and is important to Imbuto that people from different cultural backgrounds take part. We don’t want to form an “ingroup”, but rather to be open to others.
Because of the difficult situation of many participants – trauma, political polarization, attribution to groups of victims or perpetrators – a special feature was the building of trust.
Everyone could invite friends. And so many young people brought a friend with them. A linguistic and cultural diversity emerged, accompanied by a lot of creativity.
People from more than 30 nations took part in the projects. Among other things, the popular “trust walk” strengthened cohesion within the group.

SommerseminareSummer seminars include seminars for children, sometimes with mothers or parents, which were regularly organized until 2013, as well as seminars for young adults.

International projects are presented on Wege zum Frieden Paths to Peace that explicitly have “Wars in the Great Lakes Region and Genocide in Rwanda” as their theme.

All events are documented in detail, mostly in German and French, some also in English. The reports describe the course, responsibilities and activities as well as the evaluation by the participants. All projects should contribute to a good social coexistence. Through these pages you can experience the many steps that we have already taken together.
Let yourself be inspired by our experiences, the interactive methods, the learning outcomes and the hopes for the future.

Other projects here: Stimmen aus dem SüdenVoices from the south and Lokal handelnActing locally and “Reflecting: Genocide“.