Acting locally

For Imbuto e.V., acting locally means getting involved at all levels for peace and a fairer world. That is why we have been offering political education events in Germany, in other regions of our world, and especially in the state of Hesse for many years.

We inform, discuss and act concretely in order to improve relations between countries in the Global South and the Global North. This includes strengthening the rights of children and adults, regardless of their place of birth, nationality, language and gender.

Many topics as well as applied methods from Imbuto e.V. are relevant to this day and provide suggestions on “What can I do?”, “With whom can I do what?” and “How can I do it?”.

Here you can find the thematically and chronologically presented projects.
Learning from the south – commitment in the north: Vom Süden lernen – Engagement im Norden
Flight and Migration: Flucht und Migration
Social coexistence + No to Racism: Gesellschaftliches Zusammenleben + Nein zu Rassismus