Participate! You can…

  • complete an internship with us
  • do volunteer work for us
  • donate
  • become a sponsoring member.

Persons of all ages are welcome at Imbuto!

We offer…

  • an intercultural climate of collaboration
  • insights into NGO work
  • profound experiences and competencies in many countries.

With Imbuto, you can…

  • learn many new things
  • participate in our work
  • bring you own experiences into our work.

Desired are:

  • Language proficiency, for instance German, French, English or Arabic
  • Good computer and media skills
  • Project management skills
  • Time commitment of at least three months.

We are glad to provide you with a qualified certification of your internship or voluntary work.

Unfortunately, we do not have the financial means to reimburse your work with us.
Howeve – we are more than happy to share our non-material values and experiences with you. By spreading our ideas and objectives and acting with solidarity, we can become many!

Donations are very welcome. They help us put our project ideas into action.

You can become a sponsoring member, starting at 50 € annually. If you are interested, please request a form at imbuto(a)

Donations account:

Imbuto e.V.

Volksbank Mittelhessen

IBAN: DE 58 5139 0000 0036 6108 08


Together, we can make progress!

Thank you for your non-material and financial support!

Murakoze cyane – Merci – Thanks – Asante sana – Shukran!

Donations are used to promote the purposes of our association. Your donation is tax deductible (in Germany). For donations below the amount of 300 €, the tax office will usually accept a deposit slip or an account statement as donations receipt. In order to reduce admistrative expenses, we will provide donations receipts for all donations above the amount of 300 €.

We accept all currencies!

Register court: Amtsgericht Marburg
Register number: VR 2070
Tax registration number: 3125056911

Our non-profit status has been confirmed by the tax office Marburg-Biedenkopf on October 18, 2022 for the years 2019 to 2021.

Translated excerpt from our association statutes (March 4, 2001):

§ 3 Association purpose

(1) The purposes of this association are:

  1. political education at local, national and international level, fostering international understanding.
  2. support for projects that promote a more peaceful future of societies.
  3. promotion and counselling for groups and individuals who commit to constructively shaping society, to non-violently resolving conflicts and to helping human rights to be recognized.
  4. promotion under the aspects of equality, justice in research as well as projects in development cooperation that support self-organization in order to create peace alliances on different levels.

(2) The purposes of this association are implemented in particular through:

  1. Organization of conferences, workshops, meetings, international exchange programs, research papers, publications, presentations, consultations, documentations, internet forums, measures to further the networks between groups and individuals.
  2. Participation of diverse groups. All generations, women and men, children and youths, individuals of different vocations and cultural roots are invited to contribute to the development of tolerance and peaceful future.

(3) The work of this association is carried out in a non-partisan and interdenominational level.